Below is some of the feedback shared by our clients (note: some refer to our former name, “Farrell & Associates”):

    • Farrell & Associates is an awesome team that truly takes their profession seriously and goes the extra mile for the best outcome on their cases. Tom’s experience aided in the ease of every case and in the way I as a customer dealt with the situation. He gave me the confidence and security to know my family was in good hands.” – V. J. 2016


    • “Tony Perrault was the force and mastermind to help bring my 19 month long contentious divorce to a successful conclusion. Tony is a very driven yet honest lawyer, a straight shooter who tells it like it is. Tony’s unwavering confidence and advice helped sustain me through this very challenging period in my life. Tony and his staff worked tirelessly and diligently, keeping me informed during the entire process. I will forever be grateful and indebted to Tony. What began as a mere search for an attorney, culminated in the acquisition of a lifelong friend. Well done Mr. Anthony Perrault!” – N.S. 2016


    • “Juan is my kind of guy – fast, fair, honest, knowledgeable and professional. With Juan by my side in court, I felt confident that he was going to present everything necessary to prove my case. I felt secure in his abilities, and I felt he was ‘fighting’ for me and what’s right. Hands down, one of the best experiences I’ve had dealing with an attorney. Juan also prepped me very well so I would understand what to expect in court. Thank you Juan and the Farrell & Associates team.” – C.V. 2015


    • “Leslie did an outstanding job representing me in a divorce case that included custody of two small children. Even at my lowest she was able to take my frustrated and distressed communication and word it in such a way that was classy. I knew what to expect and when to expect it and cannot imagine better representation during one of the most difficult times of my life.” – J.C. 2017


    • “Dear Tom, Now that the dust has settled, I just want to extend my very heartfelt gratitude. Thank you so very, very much for settling my divorce so quickly. If it wasn’t for your brilliant negotiating skills, I fear my divorce might still be going on. At the very least, I would have been looking at another six months of trials, stress and expense, only to have lost the house and my down payment. I paid you less money than all my other representation, for a quicker and much more satisfactory settlement. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your acumen, expertise and skill. Thank you also for sticking by me through the refinance. I’m sure this was a bit of an irritant for you, but you saw me through to the end and I am so incredibly grateful! I truly understand why you have the reputation for being the best on the island. You have earned it.” – Client 2015


    • “Mr. Perrault has been excellent throughout my extensive battle for custody of my children. I had attorneys inform me that just because I was military and a father, that would be against me in a judge’s ruling. But Mr. Perrault doesn’t believe in that, he believes in children having the right home to live in! He won this battle for me, and my kids acknowledge that they are in fact in a better place. He represented me out of state and did a remarkable job! I can’t thank him and his team enough for all the long hours he spent putting my case together, asking the right questions, and winning me full custody. I would recommend him to anyone if someone ever needs. His team will always be a part of our lives, and I hope he realizes how he has made a tremendous impact on my children’s lives for the better. Thank you very very much Tony!” – G.H. 2015


    • “Leslie, thank you again for all of your help. It was definitely [sic] an experience I don’t want to do over again, but the end results I was happy about and it couldn’t have been done without your knowledge and skills. Take Care and thanks again. – To Tammy: You have been awesome and I wanted to thank you for being there to help if Leslie was out of the office. Thank you for everything and take care!” – Client 2017